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28 Prayer Points For Salvation Of Loved Ones


"I went to minister to a family who are drought hit. I read the Word of God and launched cover prayer points by the time we finished, the whole family accepted Christ."

- Rev Francis 

Praying for your loved ones to get saved is nothing short of spiritual warfare
… to rescue them from the pit of hell. It is a prayer of conflict and confrontation.

 It is like a military offensive!

To see any results, these prayers must be prayed regularly for loved ones who are not born again.  

See what the Bible says in 2 Corinthians 4:4: 

“In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.” 

Satan is the god of this world. He has blinded the eyes of many with money, sex and success. His major weapon is deception. He attempts to make a person feel that what he has to offer is better than what God has to offer.

Remember he even tried to entice Jesus with an offer … if only the Lord would bow to him!

Unfortunately, many have fallen into this trap of the enemy. They have become blind to the love of God and the sacrifice of His only begotten Son.

Maybe you have friends and relatives who seem to care for … only what they can have now, or achieve here. Maybe they don’t even believe in the living God. And they even make fun of you because you are a Christian.

Well, I have good news for you!

As you diligently use targeted prayer points to intercede for your loved ones, every blindfold of the enemy will be removed. All the lies he has told them shall be exposed. The Lord will dispel every darkness in their lives so that the light of the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ can shine into their lives.

I must warn you, though …

Please prepare to dig in, and pray for as long as it takes to get the job done. In other words, don’t give up after 2 weeks, thinking  nothing is happening.

You may not see the results immediately … but something definitely is happening. You may have to add fasting to you prayers. And midnight prayers. And prayer of agreement … anything it will take.

The Bible directs us to pray until our joy is full. This may only happen when you can pray through to salvation for your loved ones who are rebellious toward the gospel.

 I know that this works. Prove it for yourself!

"I am now doing confidential prayer coaching and just two days of praying my other daughter saw a vision, and this repeated itself twice . A man dressed in a white robe stood near her bed and said these words" Do you see those hot coals  of fire over there? she said yes, then the man said tell all your friends who sleep around with men/women that their place is that  hot coals of fire.  

Because this was so real, my daughter decide to follow Jesus and has promised to testify of her dream to all her friends  I thank God for this because this was my prayer that all my children should come to the Lord."

.- Rosina



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