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The Real Secrets Behind Testimony # 3000

By late 1980s a wildly popular televangelist was pulling
in $80 million a year through his Success-N-Life television

In 1991 ABC's Primetime Live announced that prayer requests
sent along with financial donations to this organization
were being thrown away without being read!

Meanwhile those who sent in their prayer request (and money)
were sitting down, wondering why the answers never came.

It's still the same thing today.

In most places everyone is busy trying to convince you how
anointed they are...

The idea is that they have the anointing to pray for
you if only you could sow seeds, give financial donations ...


We are led to do the exact opposite...

Demonstrating to you that YOU have the anointing
within YOU ... to pray for yourself and get results!

Like the success stories all over this site.

All glory to God alone.

And here's the important distinction:

To date the LORD has blessed us with over 3000 documented testimonies on our websites
to prove that HE still answers prayers...

"You mean I am anointed?" you ask.

The answer is YES, YES, YES!!!

Let me explain...

You see, the moment you gave your life to Christ,
The Anointing (Holy Spirit) came to live within you.

This is why the Bible talks about "the anointing we have

Referring to everyone who has accepted JESUS as their Lord
and Savior.

What you do with the anointing INSIDE you subsequently
is what makes all the difference.

You have 3 options:

Option #1

You could allow your anointing to remain dormant ... in which
case your Christian life will be marked by frustration and
despair; nothing to show for it... year in, year out.

OR ...

Option #2

You could run all over the place seeking for "highly
anointed" people to transfer their anointing to you by
giving you a piece of cloth and prophesying over you...

In which case, failure and unfulfilled promises will
punctuate your life, every step of the way.

OR ...

Option #3

You may decide, "Enough is enough." I have the anointing
deposited right inside of me. I will arise and take
whatever steps are necessary to activate this
anointing in my life...

So I can move faster than a speeding bullet in the days ahead!

Now, let's think for a second...

Do yourself a favor. Ask this type of questions:

 - How many of the glowing prophecies I receive year in and year
   out ever came to pass?

- How many prayer requests were answered?

- How well have I been praying ... for myself and loved ones?

- What results do I get when I pray?


The disciples of Jesus at some point realized they
were missing something CRUCIAL.

Even though they'd been walking with Him for a while,
performing miracles and having a few breakthroughs.

They reasoned among themselves, and came to the
shocking conclusion what they were missing:

The most IMPORTANT ingredient for spiritual

So they quickly took COURAGEOUS ACTION.

By going to Jesus and asking Him to:


Note they didn't ask how to sing better, or preach
or do any of those things we're being taught to do
these days.

The LORD led us to set up the Prayer Academy
with 3 mandates:

1. Take the most powerful prayers that eagles
have prayed since the dawn of Christianity...

2. Put these prayers on the lips of average 21st
century Christians...

3. Coach them step-by-step to pray to the
point of breakthroughs, miracles, etc.

There is a session in PROGRESS even as you read this.

For more details, please visit:


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