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"9 Keys to Effective Prayer that Strengthens Marriages And Other Relationships"

 Hidden in the scriptures, scattered among thousands of Bible verses, are the clues to an incredible SECRET. For those who know the Secret, the result is untold testimonies and breakthroughs Each week a small group of people stumbles across this same page you are now reading. Before long, they are led on a spiritual journey to uncover the SECRET… as explained step-by-step in Elisha Goodman’s “Prayer Cookbook Series.”



"I must say I have been truly blessed!. I was going through a rough time in my relationship and I had decided to give up... I prayed and asked the Lord to work with us through this. I even thought God wanted us apart. I then had my mind set on giving up when he (suddenly) came back and now we are seriously working on a bright future together! Thank you for your help and guidance through the Prayer Marathon."

- Ann, New York


"I am so elated!!! Remember my 'frustrated firstlady' letter I sent you? Your response to me was entitled 'empowered firstlady'. You told me to use my problems as an opportunity that God can use to teach 'your hands to war and your fingers to fight.'

Well Elisha, the prayer marathon taught me just how to do that. The Lord open up my understanding so much and gave me victory! I cannot believe that in such a short time since I started the marathon, within the second week I was having victories even with my marriage. Right now my husband is the sweetest thing, its like we just got married!!!

- Newly Empowered Firstlady, ON


"Just a quick note to say thank you in teaching me to pray and to pray for one thing at a time, Elisha, I have got to tell you that the milk and honey is back in my marriage and glory be to God I praise his holy name and God has use me to start a prayer group at my job and it is so great..."

-- Aletha, New York


"I thank God for your course and truly my marriage has been dripping with honey!"

-- Sister A, Arizona


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