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 "3 Keys to Effective Prayer That Brings Healing"

  Hidden in the scriptures, scattered among thousands of Bible verses, are the clues to an incredible SECRET. For those who know the Secret, the result is untold testimonies and breakthroughs Each week a small group of people stumbles across this same page you are now reading. Before long, they are led on a spiritual journey to uncover the SECRET… as explained step-by-step in Elisha Goodman’s “Prayer Cookbook Series.” 


"Thank you for your teachings concerning dreams. After battling
with a monster who was holding a young man captive in my dream. I was provoked to go to hospital to pray for HIV patients after a one week fasting and praying although I am not a pastor. In fact all the ten patients I prayed for tested negative, the doctors are now investigating on their medical records."

-- Innocent M, Senegal


"I love praying for others, The Lord just healed a lady that I prayed for using the bullets you teach me. They had given her 3 mos of life because of brain cancer. Several of us prayed and she went to surgery today, the doctors were amazed, they took the tumor out and nothing left.... Glory to Jesus."

-- Tatty, Georgia


"My husband has been delivered from alcoholism and is now growing spiritually and God has taken me to another spiritual level."

- Glenda, California

"My wife fell when she visited London in February 05 and since then she's had a terrible waist pain. The pain left her just after the Phase 2 prayers and she nearly even forgot she'd been in pain... Praise the LORD!"

- James, Ghana

"This is Annie. Remember me? You had taught me to pray ... During the Prayer Riot Phase 2, I kept confessing and praying the prayer points for my daughter who was asked to wear glasses at the age of 2 (her power for both eyes were minus 2.5). Because she was too small she did not wear one. Now during this prayer time she was taken to an optician from her school and the report came totally clean that she has perfect eye sight and she does not have to wear glasses."

-- Annie, Muscat


"You have really taught me to pray. I have been sending your prayer marathon to my sisters and friends and they are experiencing tremendous change in their lives too. I have not only been blessed financially, but my relationship with people is just getting better and better..."

-- Joan, Denmark


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