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"# 1 Secret for Getting Out of Debt That Nobody Talks About!"

 Hidden in the scriptures, scattered among thousands of Bible verses, are the clues to an incredible SECRET. For those who know the Secret, the result is untold testimonies and breakthroughs Each week a small group of people stumbles across this same page you are now reading. Before long, they are led on a spiritual journey to uncover the SECRET… as explained step-by-step in Elisha Goodman’s “Prayer Cookbook Series.” 


"I gave some printouts to some friend who didn't bother to read it but gave it out to some cousin of hers, and this lady was deeply troubled with debts, unemployment but after reading it, she got a breakthrough. After three days, she got a job and cleared her debts. Glory be to God. Thanks a lot, its not only working for me but even for people I don't know once they get to it."

- Hope, Kampala

"I fasted and prayed for the Lord to relieve me of my financial debts. These debts were like a noose around my neck and I was living from pay check to paycheck... It is not yet ninety days and God has answered my prayer. My mountain of debt was ninety thousand dollars (90,000) and "Glory to God" all my debts are paid and not only that I now have thirty thousand (30,000) dollars in the bank."

- Sandra


"This is right in line with what my pastor has been teaching on effectual, power prayers that get results... we have numerous testimonies, the largest thus far being a $23,000 debt cancellation!!"

- Sharon, U.S.

"God is good. The company I work for said they had no money to pay us a bonus. I have been praying for the Lord to release financial miracles into my life. Well on Friday I received Twenty thousand Dollars ($20,000). To God be the glory."

-- Carlene, Kingston

"In August 2005 my husband I was struggling financially to close the deal on a home that we had purchased, we could not get any where. One day I came in contact with your email I can't remember how but it was a blessing. Today we are victorious the deal has closed and the home is released to us. To God be the Glory..."

- Geraldine, Jamaica


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