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"9 Keys to Effective Prayer that Unlocks Blessings" 

 Hidden in the scriptures, scattered among thousands of Bible verses, are the clues to an incredible SECRET. For those who know the Secret, the result is untold testimonies and breakthroughs Each week a small group of people stumbles across this same page you are now reading. Before long, they are led on a spiritual journey to uncover the SECRET… as explained step-by-step in Elisha Goodman’s “Prayer Cookbook Series.” 


"The teachings and prayers since my introduction to your ministry back in Oct or so have been the most productive and enlightening phase of my Christian journey."

-- Pastor Eunice, Washington DC

"Endurance was one year eight months last month and was still sitting in one place unable to crawl around or walk like many others at his age. From birth Endurance had the habit of always crying as from 11:45 pm to about 3am. For the rest of the night no sleep. The parents brought him to the clinic that I could pray for them and their baby.
Thanks be to God I had a copy of "Prayer Cookbook for Busy People." I took 3 days to journey with them through the book then we went into a 7-day prayer with fasting. In the second night of prayer, He stopped crying and could sleep almost all night.At the end of the prayer week, he crept for two days and five days after Endurance is running around. The parents have become Christians because of what they saw God do to them through Endurance."
- Chaplain Hyacinth, Bamenda 

I got to know about your site on the 14th day of the singles prayer marathon after an excited friend told me about you and she had 2 of your ebooks, "Prayer DNA Secrets" & "Prayer Cookbook for Busy People." I immediately got on to the Internet & got to see the singles marathon in progress... though I am a wide reader I have never come across books with such a deep revelation of the spiritual world. Your books are awesome, practical & not like any other I have read.

- Lynette

"I have been burdened down for so long with my finances that I was beginning to think that was the way to live but through reading your book I now realize that I am supposed to be above any circumstances that may come up in my life. You are a wonderful child of God and I pray blessings upon you and your continual growth in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Totally Awesome!"

- Jearnita, Atlanta

"Your book has changed my life completely. I am now at another level, praying in the spirit, speaking in tongues. I now do night vigils & I fast. Our God is awesome."

-- Faith, Harare

"Your prayer points are 'spiritual hand grenades' and 'spiritual nuclear warheads' demolishing the seen and the unseen! Praise God."

- Johnny, Australia

"It is amazing the way God works.. unbelievable that just two weeks back my friend was mocked with a promotion again  ... all happened at the time I received the Prayer Cookbook and 'The Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ' and forward same to her among others. We talked after that and one week after she followed the prayer points there under, she has now got a brand new job with a kangaroo promotion with just the pay she
asked God for."

- Jennifer, New York

"I'm re-reading your Prayer Cookbook once again. I see something new everytime.  If not for your ministry, I would have been going from one conference to another in total confusion and frustration.  Glory and honor be the Lord almighty who have sent you along my path. I pray that my sisters and brothers in the Lord will come to the knowledge of the truth that is
in Christ Jesus our Lord."

-- Rebecca A


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"25 Prayers to Meet Your Daily Needs"

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