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"Unspoken Prayer Secrets... Revealing the 25 Miracle Verses that Cause Blessings to Flow Into Your Life Like Water Down A Mountain"


Scriptural Foundation

 Many Christians find it difficult to accept the concept of wealth. Praise, Respect, Promotion are just more forms of wealth. You have to be able to accept these things without flinching in order to get Wealth in the form of Money.

 Some people will never bring themselves to break from the “Normal Restraints” put on them by family and society.

They continually ask themselves:

  • Who am I to have a happy marriage?

  • Who am I to write a book?

  • Who am I to see myself as a teacher?

  • Who am I to try to offer a product to the world?

  • Who am I to start a business?

 These are all hidden, and play out in the unseen theater of the mind. Of course the devil uses that as raw material to hold 99% of the population in chains.

 So many people simply cannot see themselves as being able to offer something to other people, or rather, being “worthy enough” to offer something to the world.

 Who says you can’t be an

 Who tells you that you can not go out, claim knowledge and become an expert in something?

 Who says you can’t
be wealthy?

 Certainly not God! In the Bible there are so many references to wealth (in all its forms) it is simply amazing.

 There are Bible verses that serve to pull your
 dominant desires towards you like a magnet…
if you know how to apply them.

 Here are 25 strong  passages in the Bible that I advise you commit to memory… let them become part of you, as natural as breathing… and as we will see later on… you will soon be well on your way to spiritual, physical and emotional wealth.  



"At the time I started reading your messages I was going through marriage problems and my business was at it's all time lowest point, I was so depressed. Clients were phoning me for quotations and just when I was about to get the order something inexplicable would happen, and suddenly the order would fizzle to nothing.

But since beginning of this month things have started happening for me. The honey is now back in my marriage. Although my husband is not born again or a practising Christian, God is somehow working miracles in my life. My business has suddenly just picked up, I now have more jobs that I am currently working on than I ever imagined, and not just jobs but BIG ORDERS. I am so happy, and so grateful to God for making me discover your website just at the right time."

- Grace


25 Personalized Bible Verses to Help You Tune
Into the Wealth “Frequency” of GOD


1                    I delight myself in the word of the Lord, therefore I am blessed. Wealth and riches shall be in my house and my righteousness endures forever (Psalm 112:1-3).

2                    I remember the Lord my God, for it is He that gives me power to get wealth (Deut 8:18).

3                    With me are riches and honor, enduring wealth and prosperity (Prov.8:18).

4                    I am crowned with wealth (Prov.14:24).

5                    I know the grace of my Lord Jesus Christ that though He was rich, yet for my sake He became poor, that through His poverty I might be rich (2 Cor.8:9).

6                    I shout for joy; let the Lord be magnified, who has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant (Psalm 35:27).

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