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“There’s a FREE e-book waiting
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It’s called  “Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ: The 7 Secrets Revealed.”  It reveals “deep” secrets and advice on prayer that most Christians may never discover on their own… yet they are the foundation of getting amazing results through prayer, and becoming successful as fast as possible. 
No matter what you’re praying for.  These principles work for ALL Christians whether they’ve been in the faith for years, or are just getting started.
(NOTE: To date there are over 5000 praise reports from 117 countries on our websites to prove that God still answers prayers ... just as in the days of old!).


This book currently sells for $20.99 USD at but we are making an exception ... and allowing you to access this ebook version free… as a "Thank You"  gift just for visiting this website. 

I’ll have the link emailed to you in less than 5 minutes, if you’ll just leave your email address in the box above.  You can have your name removed from this exclusive email list anytime, just by clicking a button. 

And I will never, ever give your name or email to anyone else. That's a promise.                            

I will, however, occasionally send you timely spiritual information you can use… including how to get a hold of even more Special Reports on building your prayer muscle, receiving answers to  your prayers, and getting your life and relationships together. 

There’s never any obligation.  This is simply getting you “wired into the grid” on the inside of God's spiritual kingdom -- where things happen fast, and where all the success, victories and testimonies are FIRST generated....


"I had to mail you this morning so that I can be the first one to give you a testimony from using the Passion Prayers of Jesus Christ, your free book! I used it yesterday morning and even though I have been saying the other prayers you have been sending to me , I am convinced that this awesome testimony I am about to share with you was God's response to the prayers....  Prayers 1 - 7 that I prayed from the book yesterday morning that sealed the deal. Praise the Lord!"

- Sis. Bola, Lagos