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40 Prayers to Attract A Car (Or Anything Else)

40 Prayers to Attract A Car

(or Anything Else)


A DOUBLE Praise Report

Dear Elisha,
I was introduced to your site by a pastor friend of mine based in Switzerland when he attended a bible school with me in Nigeria.
In March 2012, I accessed your site and signed up with my email.

 Since then , I started  receiving newsletters from you and free prayer points  while I believed God to register for the Prayer Academy.

On the 15 June, 2012, I had an online chat with one of your Prayer Advisor (see attached).
My testimony is that during the chat , the Prayer Advisor sent me 40 prayer points to attract a car.  I committed myself to these prayers during midnight hours. At times, I did agreement prayers with my wife. I equally added regular normal fasts and series of Esther fasts to these prayers including other covenant practices such as  vows, tithe and kingdom stewardship.


 Suddenly on August 27, 2012 I received a gift of a brand new car - a Hyundai Accent 2012 model. If God could do this for me when I have not registered in the Prayer Academy, I prayed again for funds to register for September 2012 Prayer Academy, God equally did that for me.

Elisha, to confirm  that your God is a prayer answering God, as I opened my mail today, a single mother (South African) who lamented to me about her problems when we met in Nigeria during a church service, sent me a mail that God blessed her with a car too  exactly the same time I received mine.

She is not aware of my own car gift before sending her mail. What was the secret? I forwarded to her  the "25 daily prayer points" and directed her to pray at midnights. She forwarded the picture of the car to me.

To God be all the glory. God bless you Elisha Goodman and all the members of the Firesprings Ministries. I pray for empowerment, grace and understanding to participate fully in the prayer Academy in order to make me a blessing to my generation in Jesus name. amen. 

- E. Udor

From: Elisha Goodman                                                                        Sunday 2:15 AM 

Calvary greetings …

The Bible says:

"For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. I know all the fowls of the mountains: and the wild beasts of the field are mine. If I were hungry, I would not tell you: for the world is mine, and the fullness thereof. Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats? Offer to God thanksgiving; and pay your vows to the most High: And call on me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me."
                                                                                                                         - Psalm 50: 10-15

The Secret of Success
No One Wants to Talk About

It is a 6-letter word: PRAYER.

In our last prayer-fest tagged Golden Journey Level 3, we echoed the words of a great prayer eagle who once said:

  • Prayer is the force that shapes the world.

  • The most important lesson we can learn is how to pray.

  • When God’s house on earth is a house of prayer, then God’s house in heaven is busy and powerful in its plans and movements.

  • God shapes the world by prayer.

  • Prayer has the incredible ability to arrest and change even the purposes of God.

  • Prayer is the secret of power.

  • When faith ceases to pray, it ceases to live.

This is the OTHER secret of success that nobody wants to talk about. Today it is what separates those that know their God from those that know Him not. It separates the eagles from the “chickens.”  

It marks the dividing  line between those who really “know” their God as Jehovah Jireh (the doers) and those who only talk about knowing God (the talkers) – and what a difference!

 Most 21st century Christians you know do not even have a clue that prayer, coupled with holy living and directed by the Holy Spirit, can accomplish so much.

They have NEVER handled prayer that works. No one has ever taught them. And that’s why you see so much poverty, bondage and unnecessary affliction among otherwise wonderful, God fearing believers everywhere you turn.

The prayers you are about to see have hidden "prosperity" triggers embedded. That means they derive their strength and power from Scripture first and foremost.

These hidden triggers are just what the angels of prosperity use as their “guideposts” to bring everything you need when you ask God for the desires of your heart in prayer.

BE WARNED: Your desires must be in line with the will of God. For instance, a believer praying to divorce her spouse is NOT praying according to the will of God. You find the will of God in Scripture, not what one prophet or preacher said on TV.

So there are certain prerequisites to receiving answers to prayer. The #1 is that you must have received JESUS CHRIST as Lord and Savior. You need to ensure that you have repented and asked for forgiveness for your sins... and turned away from them.

That is how to lay the proper spiritual foundation so that the LORD can hear ... and answer you speedily.

My greatest concern as I write this is witnessing people attempting to pray this prayer without laying the necessary foundation … and ending up with another enormous frustrating experience.

 I don’t want that to happen to you.

 That is why I’ve made some effort to plug those of you who have been reading my emails into the mindset required to make this prayer work…

Remember the teachings in my FREE ebook, 
Passion Prayer of Jesus the Christ? 

 That will help you to    avoid another embarrassing experience of believing God for something and not laying the proper foundation to RECEIVE.

 This newsletter (plus 5 others) is a gift to you for visiting my website. if you use it correctly you will join the growing number of Christians sharing testimonies on our site.

 Here’s the way things are set up:

 There are 3 parts to this prayer.

 Parts I and 2 (the foundational stuff that I mentioned briefly above) – are to be found in the  ebook 

“Prayer Cookbook for Busy People”

Part 3 – is what you have in your hands here ... this is the one that a sister called Milly from South Africa  prayed back then in 2005 and "magnetized" a brand new BMW into her garage, PLUS a  new dream job!

From 2005: Milly's Trendsetting Testimony

Dear Elisha,

About two months ago I wrote to you and told you that I needed a new car and a new job. I understand that you are very busy but my sister Abigail sent me the 40 Prayer Points to attract anything in your life and told me to pray the 40 prayer points. 2 months ago I started praying the 40 prayer points to attract a New BMW320i.  I would like to thank you for these miraculous secret ways of praying and also to share my testimonies with you.

Only two months ago I started your prayer points andwithin the 3rd month I received my car 3 weeks of praying for my Dream Job and Today I received my letter of appointment

I now have a new BMW 320i and my Dream Job of R25,000.00 per month + 1% commission off all the sales people and consultants monthly package.  Praise be to God he is so good.  I thank you for showing me how to pray to God for success, and I thank God the Almighty for answering my prayers.  You are an answer to my prayers.  I have been praying to God to give me a spiritual mentor. I talked to a lot of people including pastors who I thought would help. One even thought I was demonic.

God send “YOU”  Elisha -  my mentor through my sister. Praise be to God.

Thank you so much your prayer point really works. I wish I had found you sooner.

God bless you.

Your sister in Christ

- Milly B, South Africa

 Parts 1 and 2 lay the solid foundation needed for this prayer to work, while this Part 3 zeroes in on the specifics.

 You can use it to RECEIVE – 

·        A new car

·        A new home

·        A dream job

·        A new business

·        Profit into your business

·        New business partners

·        Funds into your business

·        or whatever (so long as it lines up with God's will)

In the 10 years since I "received" these prayers, I have used them  to magnetize all of the above and so much more into my life.

Now, it's your turn ...

This material will be like "a spiritual forerunner" for you ... others have used it in the Bible before you and I ... enabling them to receive God's divine solution even in the dream:

·                 -- Ask king Solomon, the richest and wisest man who ever lived. 

        -- Or Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus.  

·                 -- Or Joseph who rose from slave boy to become prime minister of Egypt.  

        -- Or the great apostle Paul, the man who probably wrote two-thirds of the New Testament. 

        -- Or even Christopher Columbus, the man who is credited with the discovery of the New World

Columbus said he heard a voice in his dream saying to him:

"God will give you the keys of the gates to the ocean, which are enclosed in strong chains."

 I'm sure in our secular generation, where they desperately want you to believe that everything can be explained by science…

They never told you that in your high school history lessons!

Surprised? You don't have to be.

God Himself said He will speak with us in dreams and visions. 


Because often times, God in His faithfulness reveals to His people the solution to their problems in dreams.

 These dreams MUST be decoded and prayers created (backed up by hit-the-nail-on-the-head scriptures) for serious things to happen. ..

 I send you more information on this very topic in subsequent emails...

Now to the prayers….


Spend 7 minutes in praises to the Lord.

Confess any known sin to the Lord, one by one and ask for forgiveness one by one.

Enter into this period with determined spiritual aggression.

(Please Note: If you want to see quick and dramatic results, add fasting to your prayers – unless you are medically unable to fast… and pray at the MIDNIGHT HOUR)

Scripture Ingredients:

Phil 4:19: But my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. 

1   Everyday, let the pillar of fire of the Living God go before me and light up my pathways in Jesus’ name.

2   Holy Spirit, cleanse my heart with your fire and the blood of the Lamb in Jesus’ name.

3   Holy Spirit, inflame my heart with the love of Christ in Jesus’ name.

4   O Lord, let the fruit of the Spirit begin to manifest in my life in a powerful new way in the name of Jesus.

5   Let every stronghold of idolatry in my heart be thrown down and be destroyed by the thunder fire of God in Jesus’ name.

6   O Lord, give unto me your word of wisdom through the Spirit in Jesus’ name.

7   O Lord, give unto me the gift of prophecy through the Spirit in Jesus’ name.

8   O Lord, give unto me the gift of discernment through the Spirit in Jesus’ name.

9    Lord help me to use your gifts to glorify your name and to edify the body of Christ in Jesus’ name.

10  O Spirit of life that raised up Jesus from the dead, breathe life into my: 

-                                 prayer altar

-                                 dream life

-                                 marriage

-                                 ministry

-                                 every organ in my body


11  Every satanic covering preventing me from seeing in the spirit, be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus’ name.

12  Every strongman throwing a spiritual blanket over my eyes in the spirit, be consumed by the fire of the Lord in Jesus’ name.

13  Spirit of the Living God, open my eyes to see in the spirit in Jesus’ name.

14  O Lord, open my ears to hear your voice clearly in Jesus’ name.

15. O Lord, release your anointing of excellence upon my life in the name of Jesus.

16. It is written: The Lord shall make me the head and not the tail; I shall be above only and not beneath in the name of Jesus.

17. You spirit of the tail, loose your hold upon my life in the name of Jesus.

18.  I refuse to sink in the sea of life in Jesus’ name.

19.  I paralyze every agent of shame and reproach in the name of Jesus.

20.  Any voice calling me to the tail position be silenced by the blood of Jesus.

21.  Every power occupying my seat of greatness, be unseated by fire in the name of Jesus.

22.  As I stamp my feet on the ground so shall my territory be enlarged in Jesus’ name.

23.  I paralyze every satanic competition for --- (mention the position here) by fire in the name of Jesus.

24.  Let my season of glory appear in the name of Jesus.

25.  Every Goliath and Pharaoh bragging and boasting against my God, be bound and be cast into the lake of fire in the name of Jesus.

26.  Every satanic expectation against my destiny, be disappointed in the name of Jesus.

27.  Let eh hornets of the Lord be released against my full time enemies in the name of Jesus.

28.  I recover all that the enemy has stolen from me in the dream in Jesus’ name.

29.  Every satanic chain binding my hands from prospering, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

30.  Every satanic chain on my neck pulling me backwards, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

31.  Every satanic chain on my waist dragging me down, catch fire and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

32.  Every satanic chain on my feet hindering me from moving forward, break and burn to ashes in Jesus’ name.

33.  I jump out of every circle of defeat and failure by the power in the blood of Jesus.

34.  Every seed of failure in my life, be consumed by the fire of God in Jesus’ name.

35.  Every tree of non-achievement planted in my family line, be uprooted by fire in Jesus’ name.

36.  Satanic anchor on my hands and feet, be roasted in Jesus’ name.

37.  I move from where I am now to where God wants me to be by the power in the blood of Jesus.

38.  I break and loose myself from every curse of non-achievement in Jesus’ name.

39.  Every satanic initiation in the dream, be cancelled, be nullified by the blood of Jesus.

40.  I shall sing of the goodness and the mercy of the Lord forever in Jesus’ name.

**  LORD I thank you for answering my prayers

Be An Overcomer! 


PS: Please note that you DON'T just read the prayers. You have to actually pray them out loud.

      If you have not been trained in the discipline of targeted, focused praying, I'll suggest that you
      join the NEXT Prayer Academy, where your hands will be trained to war and your fingers to fight.

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