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Read on to discover how to participate in the 21-Day Challenge!

"How To Overcome Invisible Entry Barriers"

      There are 12 basic rules of effective prayer. But it is really #11 and #12 that gets some people stark, raving mad. Before we review these fundamentals together, let's look at a typical result of the application of these "methods."

I don't know what to say, as I cannot explain in written words, the prayer points brought prosperity into my life.

Glory be to God. I have received my breakthrough, not one, not two, but three breakthroughs within a space of one month.

Here goes my story, I have been overseas, came back  last year I had nothing, absolutely nothing, and had to start from scratch, it was difficult Elisha, there were times when I just wanted to give up.

My sister's company were looking for a receptionist and I was offered the position, though I am not a receptionist but a public relations officer, I accepted the offer as it was a stepping stone.
I happened to search the net, and your web site popped up. I received all your prayer points and took action. I asked God for a permanent job at the same company, not as a receptionist but for them to create a position for me which they did, I asked God for a salary that was sufficient for me, and that was approved, I will be permanent as from the 1st of 1st of May as a Relationship Marketing manager, which they never had at this company but was created for me!

My company will be moving out to a new building in May, at the moment we share office space with another company. Guess what? Their receptionist resigned, and I was asked to help them out till we move to our office space, so its a double pay cheque for me for 3 months.
I also wanted to purchase a car but the bank would not finance me as I did not have sufficient references, guess what? My sister bought a car for me in her name. It is a P.T. cruiser Chrysler. It was delivered to me on Friday.

I don't know what to say, its like a dream!!! I am rejoicing as I have received the things I desired!!

-- Abigail, South Africa

What Kind Of Prayer Secret Brings This Type Of Result? 

Prayer Secret #1

 Begin with Thanks and Praises

 All prayer must be scented with praises. You must enter into the presence of the Lord with thanks and praises. Leave your troubles behind, open your heart to the Lord, and enter into His gates with thanksgiving.

 However, this is not because all your requests are granted but because your name is written in the Book of Life and this cannot be exchanged for anything. Any other prayer should be secondary to thanksgiving and praises.


Prayer Secret #2

 Confirm God’s Will

 Find out whether what you are asking for is God’s will for your life. You do not go to God asking whether to divorce your spouse and marry another. Of course that is NOT God’s will for your life and He is not going to answer. As a matter of fact, you  might even get a little spanking for it.

Prayer Secret #3

 Identify Your Needs and be Specific

 Here’s where many people fall down. What some are looking for may not be what they need.

 Like many people who say they want to be very rich (materially), promising to sponsor the work of the gospel to any level. As far as God is concerned, that person may not need to be rich at all. Maybe all God wants to do is to turn her life upside down and drain all the impurities (like bitterness, unforgiveness, etc) out of her life to make her more useful. But she just wants to be rich!

 Another might want to prophesy and see visions, but God might just want her to deal with the spirit of anger first. Because with this spirit inside her, she will destroy every good thing that God sends her way.

 Yet another might be praying for a godly spouse, but all God wants the person to do is to go for a thorough deliverance FIRST to drain out all the evil deposits that the enemy has injected into her life through sex in the dream. Because He knows that if He allows her to marry in this state, divorce is just a few years down the road!

 Prayer Secret #4

 Meditate on Scripture

 This is the biggie…

 Identify scriptures that promise what you need and meditate on them. As you meditate on a particular scripture, a powerful image will begin to form in your mind. As the image settles in your thoughts, it will be out-pictured (through focused praying) into the physical world around you…

 One thing we will be doing during the upcoming Prayer Academy is to pray “one-pointed” prayers with that image in the mind… in order for them to manifest quickly.

 By the way, there are 7,487 solid promises in the Bible. I recently gave away 25. I’ll soon be demonstrating HOW to appropriate them in prayer during the Prayer Academy sessions.

Prayer Secret #5

 Pray with an Expectant Heart and with Faith

 This is bold, confident praying that expects to receive answers. In spite of any physical evidence to the contrary. You can read all about faith in the New Testament book of Hebrews chapter 11.


Prayer Secret #6

 Organize Your Presentation Before God

 If you’ve read my  ebook, “Prayer DNA Secrets” you would have come across what I call "vagabond praying."  It is asking for too many things or praying about different issues… all in one breadth. This is a total waste of time.

 God expects us to take the time to ask for one thing AT A TIME. Your prayer must be focused. This means you take up a prayer point and pray it to a level of assurance before moving to the next one. In fact as you pray, you will begin to feel the assurance of answered prayer.

 In Isaiah 41:21 the Bible says, “Produce your cause, says the Lord; bring forth your strong reasons, says the King of Jacob.” This means present your case methodically.

 Again it says in Isaiah 43:26: “Put Me in remembrance, let us plead together; declare it that you may be justified.” Again this means to do a systematic presentation before the Lord!


Prayer Secret #7

 Learn to Pray for Others Too

 God does not want us to be selfish with our prayers. He wants us to pray for one another. Please note that this does not exempt anyone from praying for themselves. What our modern Christianity has done is give some people the impression that others must be praying for them while they do nothing.

 Here’s a secret: as you learn to pray for yourself, others will feel drawn to pray with you in agreement. And you will see better results.


Prayer Secret #8

 Be Violent in Prayer

 One of the 2 cardinal principles I teach is the Midnight Prayer. It is a sharp, aggressive, TIME-SENSITIVE take-no-prisoners type of praying that I insist all Christians who want to live productive lives MUST learn. Oh yes, I got that from the Bible.

 Prayer is serious business. I am not talking about the sleepy kind of praying that we were taught to pray in Sunday school… the kind that never produces much result.  I am talking of forceful and powerful praying … the type that affects people in a profound way, tangible way.

 Prayer is warfare. No more. No less. It is not a joke. It is wrestling, a bend or break, make or mar affair – don’t let anyone tell you different. Look in the Bible and study the examples of people like Elijah, Moses, Jacob, Jesus, Paul, etc.

To bring things closer to home, you only have to read the amazing testimonies all over this site to confirm this is true...


 Prayer Secret #9

 Add Fasting to Your Prayers

 Fasting helps to subdue the flesh and this allows the spirit to arise and tune into God’s divine frequency. Please note that fasting does not force God's hands. It helps to add wings to your prayers.

 Another of the cardinal principles I teach is the Esther Method. It is a type of fasting so powerful I make it a point to integrate it into all our prayer programs. In the Bible, Esther did it. Paul did it. You should be doing it too. In terms of producing fast results, nothing else comes close, especially when combined with midnight prayers and targeted prayer points.


Prayer Secret #10

 Allow God to Work in His Own Way

 Do not dictate how He should answer your prayers. Just let Him do it His own way… in His own time. After all, He is God. Do not try to help Him answer your prayers. He just has so many ways of answering – amazing ways.

 For this you might need to cultivate a very rare virtue in our modern world of instant, fast, drive-thru everything. It is called Patience. In the Bible, faith and patience always go together. Yes, faith is required. But patience may be required even MORE.


Prayer Secret #11

 Your Prayer Must be Persistent

 Each day brings you closer to the realization of your dreams. Please listen carefully to this: It is not that God is difficult to approach, or hard to convince. The reason you may not see answers to your prayers immediately might just be because of the power of hindrances in the second heaven… the satanic angels that are fighting people day and night. So you must persist like Daniel and like the woman in Luke 18.

It has been my experience that many people give up just when they are at the edge of their breakthrough. Because they are not able to see things with the eyes of the spirit, the enemy distracts and discourages them just at the point of their miracles! How sad.


Prayer Secret #12

 Pray till the Peace of God Takes Hold of your Heart 

 If you pray and doubt or confusion is still in your heart, you must go back and pray AGAIN! And here’s one half-truth that has derailed the faith of many: a popular TV teaching that once you ask God for something, He has already given it to you… therefore you do not need to ask Him again.

 Half-truth. That's what it is!

The Bible says we should ask
until our joy is full...


What this type of teaching fails to tell people is that God can indeed pour out His blessings, but satanic powers can decide to wage war against the person, in hopes of diverting it into their storehouses. But as far as God is concerned, He had given us what we asked for… but out of ignorance, prayerlessness and plain old laziness, the enemy can rob people of these blessings, leaving them battered and discouraged.


You don't believe me? Go study your Bible!!


 The principles I’ve listed here are so basic that every believer should know them and put them to use. Then we will see more rapid manifestations of the promises of God in every area of our lives.

 You can prove what I've just said here in your own life right NOW, no matter how bad your situation is at this moment if only you'll agree to:


 Take The 21-Day Challenge!



 Meaning: Give me just 21 days to take you through these principles in real life & let God do the rest. That is... immerse yourself in my teachings and prayer bullets EXCLUSIVELY for 21 days ... and you will be able to prove to yourself that this is NOT idle theory!

Very soon you may not be able to stop the flow of daily blessings into your life ... even if you wanted to! 


"21 Days Prayer Brought A New Job" 

Dear Elisha,
Before I share my first testimony of this year, I want to put forward a lesson I have learn as far as these prayers are concerned.
When my heart was longing for a true manifestation of all what God says in His Word, and how as a child of God can experience it here on earth, God led me to this site in September 2005 - I can not even remember how!
Somehow, somewhere I have to confess for the benefit of others too, a religious kind of spirit in me, told me that these teachings were 'overconfident' and could not demonstrate the religious kind of humility we were taught. (Humility in a wrong way!). This could be a stumbling block to many, hindering them from receiving what God has fro them.
A time came when things were too much for me to bear, no where to turn to, everything was falling apart. God's intervention was the only solution. I set aside 21 days of prayer and fasting from 19th January to 8th February using prayer DNA with the instructions you always send us.
A week later, I got a new and better job with a Regional Orgabization, an inner strength and understanding the word. There are many lessons I learn during the process and will share them next. I can see life in a different way. God has availed to us all wonderful promises that need to be experienced here on earth, but until you know them.
Praying has turned to be something I really enjoy. I have decided to collect as many prayer points as I can, I pray them at intervals (as my investments) because I know they are bringing answers. 
Thank you again,
-- Milka,  Tanzania


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